Your Favorite Types of Mobile Web Sites

January 29, 2008 by  

If you have a mobile phone or wireless PDA, I’d appreciate if you take this quick poll to tell me what type of content is most important to you.

I started publishing the Mobile Chaos directory in November 2006. Like many sites, it was born out of personal frustration and necessity for links to high quality content designed for small device screens (aka “mobile friendly”).

During this time, I’ve had about 16,000 page views and 2,700 unique users, mostly repeat, primarily from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. 76% of my traffic is direct.

Those numbers might sound low to you. But to me, they’re awesome. It has been entirely a labor of love for me. (Find a need, fill a need.) So I totally appreciate that so many use it and come back regularly.

According to my statistics, links to news, travel and weather tend to be the most popular. My dedicated page of iPhone links has quickly worked it’s way up the list.

If you haven’t already, please bookmark “” in your smart phone /iPhone / wireless PDA.

Thank you!

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