Reasons why you should write a professional blog

September 15, 2006 by  

Working at an agency, my clients and colleagues expect me to know how to do just about everything. I believe that in order to be able to talk about something with authority, I have to have practical, hands-on experience in addition to theoretical and anecdotal knowledge.

As a personal experiment for myself, I started to write a professional blog 5 months ago. My reason was to help me understand the ease/complexity and psychology of blogging.

I define a professional blog as a Web site that:
– has focus on a specific area of expertise,
– publishes quality content,
– is relevant and focused,
– is updated frequently (preferably once a week),
– and provides value to the reader.

Along the way, I’ve gained a better appreciation for planning and adapting on the fly. It has forced me to become a bit more disciplined with my work and give it frequent attention.

Perhaps best of all, having direct control over my Web sites has provided me with a test bed for experimenting with many tactics and technologies. (Our clients are rarely willing to experiment.) As a result, I’ve gained a better, hands-on understanding of Search Engine Optimization tactics and analytical tools. I’ve also had to decide how to fight content spammers to keep my posts open for reader input without becoming cluttered with links to obnoxious Web sites.

It’s been quite a liberating experience. I’ve learned quite a lot in a short time. You should consider doing the same. So please let me know your thoughts.

My next article will be “Tips how to write a professional blog.” I hope you’ll come back and check it out.



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