What I’m Reading: Join the Conversation by Joseph Jaffe

February 14, 2008 by  

Join the conversation by Joseph JaffeI have to admit that I haven’t been too excited lately to read any marketing books. But I recently got sucked into a book I can hardly put down.

Over the past two decades I’ve read the traditional direct marketing standards — Direct Marketing by Ed Nash, Being Direct by Lester Wunderman, much by Seth Godin, as well as Peppers and Rogers. But nowadays, when I browse the aisles at B&N, I shun the business marketing aisle. Probably because there are too many subject matter experts repeating the same messages again and again. Then there’s Joseph Jaffe.

I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled across his Across the Sound (now Jaffe Juice) podcast last year, but I got instantly hooked. I thought I was listening to a madman. Of course in madness there is often brilliance.

I heard a man shouting to whoever will listen what we all know is true but fail to utter aloud — the traditional marketing models are failing. Whoever doesn’t embrace change will become a dinosour — brands, CEOs, media tycoons, small business owners, agency Creative Directors are all at risk for extinction.

No, it’s not a new message. But it’s becoming more important than ever to experiment liberally and shake budgets free of the outmoded planning process.

I’ve been fortunate to work on many test and learns in the past five years. The justification process is brutal, and usually we get very little to work with and little support from the brand. Some T&Ls utterly failed. Some did mediocre. Some succeeded beyond expectations. But even when we did well, the results are often eyed with suspicion due to old world mentality.

So I am thrilled that someone like Jaffe is out in the field shaking things up.

I’m enjoying the book. I can feel Jaffe’s energy coming through in his words. When I’m done I’ll post a review.

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Full Disclosure: I volunteered to review this book. I am not being paid for this. My comments and opinions are my own as a courtesy for receiving a copy of the book.

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