Web Site Redesign: Define How to Measure Success

May 24, 2006 by  

To claim a project was successful, you have to define upfront how success will be measured. (And make sure the project owner and stake holders agree upfront!) Here are some examples:

– Improved user flow through the Web site. Getting a visitor quickly past the home page to a desired destination.

– Improved a specific activity on the Web site. That might be visits to a specific page, or registration of some kind, or just interaction with an application that educates the user.

– Improved a specific offline activity. Perhaps your migrating a portion of your customer service online to empower customers to self-identify solutions online without interaction with customer service or the sales group.

– Reduced visitor drop-off in a process. Perhaps you need to provide more information or reduce the number of questions asked or pages displayed.

I would argue that “increasing visits to a Web site” is not a self-sufficient result of a redesign project. It is dependent on other factors, such as improvement of natural search rankings or other marketing efforts such as paid search, online media, email marketing, offline marketing, etc.

So take the time early on to define your success metrics, then plan a redesign effort around achieving these results.

What do you think? Please post your comments. Thanks.

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