Web Celebs Get Another 15 Min of Fame

May 26, 2008 by  

The band Weezer gathered various Internet celebrities for their latest video, Pork and Beans.

You’ll see appearances by all sorts of Web-celebrities and 15 minutes of famers, including: Diet Coke and Mentos Guys, Numa Numa Kid, Tay Zonday, Miss Teen South Carolina, Chris Crocker, Evolution of Dance Guy, Will it Blend Guy and others.

The video was posted 5/23. Today, 5/26, it’s been viewed 3,071,466 times and has 20,344 comments during this Memorial Day weekend. I imagine a buzz machine was hard at work kicking that off in anticipation of the new album release in a few weeks.

Regardless it’s refreshing to see groups and brands embrace the quirkiness of the online community.

Source: Chris Brogan


One Response to “Web Celebs Get Another 15 Min of Fame”
  1. themolk says:

    Gotta love Weezer’s attitude, and the way they work these 5 minute-ers into the whole program. Just cool (and a great song to boot!).

    So… take note… all you have to do to become famous is get your YouTube vid to lift your profile, and one day you’ll either get a webby and/or star in a video clip!