Take a closer look around you

August 26, 2006 by  

I’m continuing my theme of inspiration that can be found all around us with examples of some clever elements from various campaigns.

Have you seen the WANTED posters for the new season of Fox television’s “Prison Break?” Check out the promotion posters over at

Two summers ago, bottles washed up on California shores with messages promoting the television series “Lost.”

Last year’s Mini Cooper campaign distributed Mini Cooper Counterfit kits so enthusiasts could disguise their non-Minis.

As part of the 2005 launch of the Audi A3, a job ad for “retrievers” appeared on with secret codes that enthusiasts could use to participate in the nationwide “The Art of the Heist” contest.

So… keep a sharp eye out for what’s around you. You might be pleasantly suprised how clever someone else is.

Happy hunting.

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