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It’s hard enough to reach audiences in the real world. We try to deliver what the consumer wants, when, where and how they want it. Now we have to chase them to virtual worlds. Virtual worlds have taken great strides in recent years as computing power increased and more households have switched to broadband access.

MTV's Virtual Laguna Beach screenshotEven more virtual worlds are coming. In addition to Second Life and There, MTV just made a big splash with it’s virtual adaptation [] of the “hit” series Laguna Beach.

Second Life now has a special version for teens under 18:

Point is, users can shop in these environments to outfit their virtual selves. They have currency to spend in these worlds to do all sorts of things like:

  • buy clothes (think retailers, jewelery, shoes, accessories),
  • change their eye color (contact lenses),
  • build a store to sell virtual stuff,
  • buy/build a house to decorate,
  • attend online concerts,
  • visit baseball stadium (MLB),
  • play games to learn financial responsibility (Wells Fargo)
  • buy a vehicle (Ford) to get around the virtual world.

All of this provides the opportunity for brands to allow potential consumers to explore and experiment with digital versions of their products — after which adoption/loyalty can be extended to the real world.

You should check them out. Free, basic accounts are available for all.


Update 10/18/2006: Laguna Beach episodes debute in Virtual Laguna Beach first.

Update 10/19/2006: reports that Second Life now has over 1 million registered users, of which 41% are active users (active in the past 60 days).


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  1. Roland says:

    CNet News, where friend of 3pointD Daniel Terdiman writes about virtual worlds, online games and cyberculture, among other things, has launched a permanent presence in the virtual world of Second Life…

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