Article: A brief history of the virtual world

December 11, 2006 by  

This is an interesting article you might enjoy: “A brief history of the virtual world

A few excerpts:

Second Life“Fully 3D social spaces have been around at least since the mid-1980s, and some would argue even longer than that.”

“So what can Second Life and There and other virtual worlds offer that all that real-life stuff can’t? That’s simple: All the cognitive stuff like flying, wild dress, different modes of communications.”

“Some criticize the environments by saying they take people away from “real” contact. But for several decades “real” contact has become a complex recipe that includes phone, telex, messages/letters/memos, media, etc. Face-to-face conversation is a smaller and smaller fraction of our communications. I see virtual worlds as bringing us a bit back toward embodied person-to-person conversation but also allowing people to have a creative element–“come visit my cool place, see my cool garb”–so it is more engaging, colorful and expressive.”

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