Inspiration a la Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders CocoaTaking a slight break from marketing to enjoy a rare snow day here in the Northeast. School is closed. So how do you turn those little frowns upside down? Make a mug of Ned Flanders Cocoa for the rug rats… Read more

HP Gets Dirty With Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe from the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs and an HP tablet PCMike Rowe extends his hilarious Dirty Jobs television personality into a series of short videos demonstrating his life on the road and how his HP tablet computer features prominently into managing his life. Read more

Another Clever Media Buy By Apple

Mac PCApple scored another excellent media placement. This time on Read more

Escalator Advertising

escalator advertisingI thought this was a very creative use of something we all take for granted. Read more

What I’m Reading: Join the Conversation by Joseph Jaffe

Join the conversation by Joseph JaffeI have to admit that I haven’t been too excited lately to read any marketing books. But I recently got sucked into a book I can hardly put down. Read more

Use Flickr For Online Flash Mob

ExperimentHere’s an interesting social media experiment I observed on Friday. Someone I “follow” on Twitter (Chris Pirillo) posted an urgent comment “I need a 100 comments ASAP” with a URL. Read more

Tips for Online Media Creative and Placement

I know it’s been out more than a month, but I really love this PC vs Mac video. Not because of Windows bashing, but the creativity of the media buy. Read more

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