Critical Tips To Jump Start Your Marketing Career

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Content Producers: Respect Your Audience

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Direct Email: With or Without Images?

Isn’t it better to do a little more work to reach the consumer how they want to be communicated to?

I was reading a thread online where the original poster questioned the effectiveness of HTML emails. “I’ve begun to minimize the graphical elements to try to minimize the big “X’s” that are displayed if a person does not download the graphics.”

A half-dozen responders affirmed/advised to steer clear of publishing HTML emails and including images.

FrustrationProfessionally, I disagree with that opinion and consider that a sloppy marketing approach. Why dumb down your message in the hopes of increasing reach?

In tests I’ve been involved with, HTML emails continue to have better click-thru performance than text. But admittedly in order to take into account consumers viewing email on mobile devices, we should continue to push both. A few more suggestions:

  • Publish both HTML and text format so the email client can decide which to accept. A reputable email service should provide send options for HTML, text and AOL.
  • Keep header images thin vertically. Nothing is more unattractive than a 600×800 pixel placeholder when image blocking is on.
  • Overall, keep your design simple, put emphasis on a compelling call-to-action and minimize distractions.
  • Use descriptive ALT tags and link titles.
  • Push one or more tests to accounts you have on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. Then check how your messages look in webmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Safari and Thunderbird.

That’s just a short list. I’ve talked about more in my Ten Email Marketing Best Practices video.

I hope you find this useful. What’s your experience?

Social Media Burnout

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Why Projects Fail

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