How to brand yourself and your small business online

This 12 minute presentation covers immediate steps you can follow to start your business and personal branding online.

It covers how to define what you want want to be known for, evaluating the competition, planning, where to create your online profiles, building your professional networks, participating in online conversations.

This was originally presented to a small business networking group on 04/24/2009.

Did you like this presentation? Was it helpful to you? Have additional tips to share? Then please leave a brief comment on this blog post. Thanks in advance!

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Social Media Mayhem

I’ve become addicted to microblogging. It just happened and I have no regrets. Technology is supposed to make life easier, but at times it can make your head spin. As I consider the personas I maintain online, and the varied content I publish, it becomes more important to look for methods to create efficiencies.

Let’s see…

Asymetrical ChaosI microblog most using Twitter. But now I’m seriously considering to primarily post to Pownce instead.

Thanks to a tip from Vinny, I now use TwitterFeed in order to post on Pownce and have it update Twitter.

Twitter in turn shows up in the RSS feed for Jaiku along with RSS feeds from the various blogs I publish, plus my Flickr photos and YouTube videos. (I love Jaiku, but my circle of colleagues just isn’t there.)

I also have LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, MyBlogLog, Technorati and more linking or aggregating RSS feeds.

If I wanted to go nuts, I could use Tumblr, Twitku, Twitter Groups, Yahoo! Pipes, TubeMogul and scores more.

That begins to scratch the surface of me online, but you know what? It’s enough.

Before you step into this rat hole, and have to jury rig your online presence, create a sensible plan and stick to it. Know where your audience or circle of colleagues/friends is and be there.

Let me know what you think.

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