New Web Analytics Applications to Try

There are two now web analytics applications worth checking out. Both are in beta, but you can sign up for accounts. Read more

Using Web Analytics Effectively

New Media Sandbox PodcastIf setup and interpreted correctly, a Web Analytics application can help you better define your audiences, validate assumptions, help you audit campaigns and justify future media investments. Read more

Worthwhile Reading – Week Ending 01/20/2008

Here are some topics of interest I’ve read in the past week. Definitely worth your time to read. Read more

Worthwhile Reading – Week Ending 01/13/2008

Here are some topics of interest I’ve read in the past week. Definitely worth your time to read. Read more

Intel Campaign: Hard Meets Soft

Intel Hard Meets SoftI stumbled upon a campaign by Intel: Hard meets Soft (as in Hardware meets Software). The centerpiece of the campaign are two music videos directed by Christopher Guest (Remember This is Spinal Tap?) which demonstrate how to “reduce tedious deskside visits and other inefficient I.T. practices. You can rely on soft solutions, or you can rock with something a whole lot harder.” Read more

Google Analytics: New Tracking Code Required For New Features

Tracking code not detectedI was setting up two new Websites in Google Analytics when I noticed they’re suggesting that users begin using a new tracking code on all pages of a Website you want to track. According to Google: Read more

Feedburner Pro Stats and MyBrand Are Now Free Services

Just a month ago, Google acquired Feedburner, making many in the blogosphere happy since it almost ensures this great service will remain for some time to come.

Per the Feedburner blog: “Beginning today, two of FeedBurner‘s previously for-pay services, TotalStats and MyBrand, will be free.”

Feedburner‘s basic services were great for providing a consolidated feed, regardless of flavor (RSS, Atom, etc.) TotalStats provides a bit more in-depth reporting on exactly who is using the feed and how it is being read.

Feedburner‘s MyBrand allows you to use your own domain name as the feed url in place of this standard format:

Thanks Google!

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