Lessons Learned From NASA Mishandling of Air Safety Survey

NASA logoDamage control is an art form, best left to public relations professionals. While pharmaceuticals and other giants have learned from years of safety recalls (i.e. Tylenol, Vioxx, B&L MoistureLoc) what to do and not do in the face of media viciousness and consumer outrage, NASA fumbled terribly. Read more

Apologize on Dr. Phil and All Sins Are Absolved

I notice the same pattern emerges everytime someone puts their foot in their mouth (i.e. Alec Baldwin, Don Imus, Mel Gibson, Pat O’Brien) or throws a phone at someone’s head (i.e. Russell Crowe, Tyra Banks).

There must be some text book that every publicist uses called How to get your high-profile client out of the crapper.

Those PR professionals really know how to take on a firestorm of controversey.

Chapter 1: Keep your mouth shut and see if the storm blows over.

Chapter 2: Talk show circuit – Appear on Larry King, The View, Jon Stewart, Dave Letterman.

Chapter 3: Cu-de-gras – Consult Barbara Walters, Oprah, Rev. Al Sharpton (or all).

Chapter 4: Absolution – Get chewed out in person on a very special episode of Dr. Phil.

But don’t worry, the Blogosphere never forgets. 😉