Tips for SMS List Rental

mobile websiteEver consider pushing an SMS text message out to a list rental? Sounds simple. But there are far more considerations for SMS than when pushing an email against an email list rental. Read more

Worthwhile Reading – Week Ending 05/04/2008

Here are some topics of interest I’ve read in the past week. Definitely worth your time to read. Read more

Your Favorite Types of Mobile Web Sites

If you have a mobile phone or wireless PDA, I’d appreciate if you take this quick poll to tell me what type of content is most important to you. Read more

Key Findings from Latest Mobile Attitude and Usage Study

Mobile phone rubber bandMarketVox nicely summed up the latest Mobile Attitude and Usage Study by the Mobile Marketing Association. According to the MMA, “the study’s intent is to help brands and marketers identify key market trends, mobile subscriber usage patterns, and success metrics for mobile marketing in the United States.” Read more

Find a Need. Fill a Need.

I’m a fan of the crackling fireplace. When I was younger, the local New York television station (Ch 11) would play a 24-hour Yule Log with holiday music. When the station phased that out, I got a crackling fire VCR tape. Read more

Please Take This Poll About Your Favorite Types of Mobile Web Sites

I started publishing the Mobile Chaos directory over seven months ago. Like many sites, it was born out of personal frustration and necessity for links to high quality content that is designed for small device screens (aka “mobile friendly”).

During this time, I’ve had thousands of page views and over 500 unique users, primarily from North America, then Europe.

According to my statistics, links to news, travel and weather tend to be the most popular. I’d appreciate if you take this quick poll to tell me what type of content is most important to you.

If you haven’t already, please bookmark “” in your mobile phone / wireless PDA.

Thank you!

Submit Mobile Friendly Web Sites to Directory

Are you the developer or publisher of a mobile friendly Web site? Or perhaps you are looking for an easy to use free directory to access from your mobile phone. is a free directory of mobile friendly Web site URLs for people on the go. Web site URLs are included based on usefulness for mobile users.

Inclusion in the directory is based on quality, not quantity of links.

Please use the Mobile Friendly Web site Submission Form to review the requirements and send your recommendations.

Thank you.

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