Paradise by the GoPhone Light

Domestic Meat LoafDomestic Meat Loaf and 80’s mall queen Tiffany appear in Paradise by the GoPhone Light.

If they’re so hard up for money, my wife is willing to throw a few dollars their way to make it stop. Read more

HP Gets Dirty With Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe from the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs and an HP tablet PCMike Rowe extends his hilarious Dirty Jobs television personality into a series of short videos demonstrating his life on the road and how his HP tablet computer features prominently into managing his life. Read more

Another Clever Media Buy By Apple

Mac PCApple scored another excellent media placement. This time on Read more

Tips for Online Media Creative and Placement

I know it’s been out more than a month, but I really love this PC vs Mac video. Not because of Windows bashing, but the creativity of the media buy. Read more

Intel Campaign: Hard Meets Soft

Intel Hard Meets SoftI stumbled upon a campaign by Intel: Hard meets Soft (as in Hardware meets Software). The centerpiece of the campaign are two music videos directed by Christopher Guest (Remember This is Spinal Tap?) which demonstrate how to “reduce tedious deskside visits and other inefficient I.T. practices. You can rely on soft solutions, or you can rock with something a whole lot harder.” Read more

Cheap tactic to attract attention

I thought this was refreshing and inspiring:

Essentially, they’re a series of cheezy videos recorded and posted on various sites showing the host do things with a blender that every young man only dreams of. The host demonstrates the power of the blender to chop a garden rake, hockey pucks, an iPod, golf balls, marbles, toy cars, a soda can, light bulbs and more.

Household appliance + bad behavior = Many eyeballs/impressions for an extremely small investment


Burger King to sell Xbox Video Games reports: “Burger King Sells Subservient Chicken XBox Game”

Burger King XBox Screen Shots from Adrants.comBurger King to sell three Xbox/Xbox 360 video games that incorporate brand icons–including “Subservient Chicken,” originally the star of an online viral campaign. The games, “Pocketbike Racer,” “Big Bumpin'” and “Sneak King,” will sell for $3.99 each when consumers buy a meal.

What probably makes these work:

  • For the low price, it would be hard to pass up. Although free would be more desireable.
  • Although creepy, the “Burger King” is oddly aluring and I can’t quite turn away. (It’s almost like you have to stare at that car accident on the road.)
  • They look fun and self mocking. (You can’t just stuff any stoggy looking corporate mascot into a bumper car.)

It’s not often that we see blatantly branded video games based on corporate mascots. (Just to be clear, I’m NOT talking about inserting corporate logos into video games, or games about movie characters, like the new Scarface game). If the Burger King Xbox games are successful, we may see the start of an interesting trend. Here are a few thought starter ideas to kick around:

  • Wendy’s Wendy in her own Sims-like virtual game
  • Kellog’s Tony the Tiger in his own urban jungle stalking adventure
  • Brauny Man vs. Mr. Clean
  • Tony the Tiger vs The Exxon Tiger combat game
  • The Planter’s Peanut Dance Dance Revolution
  • Chef Boyardi battles Bobby Flay
  • Kool Aid brick busting adventure

What do you think? Post a comment whether you would or would not buy/play corporate branded games.

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