The growing phenomenon of ‘Internet’

May 26, 2006 by  

This is hysterical and sobering news report circa the early 1990s explaining what the Internet is.

This jem found on Throw away your tv. With just a computer and a phone, you can connect to INTERNET! Check out this documentary.

Thanks to Marty at the BloatedTrout blog for digging out this jem.

What I learned:
People spend about $200 a year to be part of this exclusive global community.

The journalist explains about “little signs known as emoticons” and how to turn your head sideways to read a smiley or frowny face.

“The Internet is becoming part of our life every day much much more.”

“The Internet is growing like an embryonic brain, at a rate of 10% per month.”

My first exposure to the Internet was around early 1995. A friend showed me the Disney Web page using Prodigy. I was not impressed at the time.

It wasn’t until late 1996 I started diving seriously into it and shifting my career path accordingly.

What do you think? What was your first experience online? Has the Internet exceeded your wildest expectations? Please post your comments. Thanks.


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