Worthwhile Reading – Week Ending 02/17/2008

Here are some topics of interest I’ve read in the past week. Definitely worth your time to read. Read more

Data Insecurity

New Media Sandbox PodcastWe look at a recent public relations nightmare and why emotions ran high. Read more

Lessons Learned From NASA Mishandling of Air Safety Survey

NASA logoDamage control is an art form, best left to public relations professionals. While pharmaceuticals and other giants have learned from years of safety recalls (i.e. Tylenol, Vioxx, B&L MoistureLoc) what to do and not do in the face of media viciousness and consumer outrage, NASA fumbled terribly. Read more

Give Brand Evangelists Access to Your Assets

Here’s something extremely smart. A clever PR / marketer arranged for mommy bloggers and podcasters to come for a special day on the set at the CBS comedy The New Adventures of Old Christine, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. They got to hang out on the set, mingle and have a Q&A session with the cast.


Because the protagonist, Christine, is a working mother. In fact, of the shows currently on air, it’s extremely rare to have a show centered around the character of a working mother where you actually see her also dealing with family and personal issues. Most of the time, you see the “working mom” doing her lawyer or doctor duties — no family in site.

Think about the after effect. Those mommy bloggers head back home, tell their respective audiences about the experience, more and more may tune in to watch. Get the picture?

So, embrace your audience or fan base. Throw them some swag. Create an event or special offer for them and their listeners.

It’s a great grass roots approach to spreading your message.

Check out this behind the scenes video by the Manic Mommies podcast.