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I started publishing the Mobile Chaos directory over seven months ago. Like many sites, it was born out of personal frustration and necessity for links to high quality content that is designed for small device screens (aka “mobile friendly”).

During this time, I’ve had thousands of page views and over 500 unique users, primarily from North America, then Europe.

According to my statistics, links to news, travel and weather tend to be the most popular. I’d appreciate if you take this quick poll to tell me what type of content is most important to you.

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Resources for Your Twitter/Jaiku Habit

Okay, I’ve become addicted to Twitter and Jaiku. I like Twitter for the simplicity and the breadth of friends I have. I like Jaiku for the feed aggregation. Plus, I enjoy the convenience of publishing my presence from the desktop or my smart phone.

Here are some helpful resources to fuel your addiction (guess that makes me an enabler) …

  • “Refuse to choose!” is the motto for TwitKu. I learned about this from BerniesWorld. You can use TwitKu to monitor your Twitter and Jaiku accounts via a single Web page. Very convenient since there’s no software to install. They even have a mobile-friendly browser version.
  • There are a variety of add-ons for the Firefox Web Browser worth looking at. I like Twitbin.
  • Twitterrific is a desktop application for Mac OS X users that allows you to monitor and respond to your friends in a very elegant user interface. This is a must have for Mac owners.
  • Tweetr is a desktop application for either Windows or Mac users, similar to Twitterrific.
  • EmailTwitter allows you to send and receive by email on your phone, helping you avoid incurring SMS charges.

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I hope you find this useful.

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