CYA Tips to Protect Customer Data

Aside from being angry and outraged at how careless another big company (Horizon) has been with personally identifiable information, marketers must learn from this example as a reminder of how important it is to protect the data you collect on behalf of clients. Read more

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ Loses Customer Data

Laptop in chainsI come home tonight to find multiple letters addressed to myself, my wife and young children informing us how Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey lost our confidential personal information (name, address and social security number) and exposed my entire family to potential fraud and identity theft. Read more

Vandalizm in Second Life

Wikipedia is a notorious stalking ground for overzealous, nasty political shenanigans and vandalism. But this high profile defacing is the first I’ve heard of in Second Life:

Edwards’ Second Life Headquarters Vandalized
by Shankar Gupta, Tuesday, Mar 6, 2007 6:00 AM ET
THE HEADQUARTERS OF THE JOHN Edwards campaign in Second Life suffered an attack by vandals last week, when shortly before midnight, the virtual building was defaced by a group of Second Life users bearing “Bush ’08” tags.

Second Life John Edwards vandal attack

Although the Edwards campaign on its blog identified the vandals as Republicans, a commenter on the blog claimed responsibility in the name of a Second Life griefing group called “Patriotic Nigras.” The group claimed to have simply done it for laughs–or, in their own words, “lulz.”

“Guess what: we’re not Republicans. In fact, I’m one of the most hard-core liberals I know,” a pseudonymous commenter wrote on the Edwards blog. The commenter’s affiliation with Patriotic Nigras was discovered through his pseudonym, “Mudkips Acronym,” by the webzine 10 Zen Monkeys.

The Edwards campaign said that an abuse report against the perpetrators had been filed with Linden Lab, Second Life’s developer.

The vandalism of the Edwards campaign HQ isn’t the first high-profile attack Second Life has seen. In December, when CNET interviewed controversial Second Life businesswoman Anshe Chung, a virtual real estate dealer who has been described as Second Life’s first millionaire, the theater was attacked by griefers who bombarded Chung with flying, animated phalluses.

Source: MediaPost

Second Life John EdwardsOkay, I visited the John Edwards ’08 — a very small parcel consisting of a one story open air building with helicopter landing pad on top, and an open area with podium, two TV cameras, billboards and (love this) virtual folding tables with free John Edwards t-shirts in the corner. Plus campaign posters promising that “John Edwards ’08. Tomorrow Begins Today.”

Second Life John EdwardI saw no defacements by the time I arrived, but I heard a Nazi “sieg heil” off in the distance. I spin around and diagonally connected is another area and building similarly decorated. Yet there were goose-stepping black dressed avatars marching along to the seig heil chant. John Edwards vs John Edward

The campaign posters were similar except they read: “John Edward ’08. He Can Read Minds.”

It’s a clever spoof promoting celebrity “psychic” John Edward.

Second Life John Edwards


Second Life Mario AttackI did a bit more digging into what vandals do in Second Life. Of course, they post videos on YouTube (who doesn’t?). I couldn’t find an Edwards one up (yet), but other examples are there: Bombarding a location with hundreds of animated Mario (from Mario Bros), or dropping cubes all over a couple dancing on Valentine’s Day.

I know it’s wrong, but I have to laugh. It’s like a college prank. Location owners can eject items left behind on their property, so nothing is permanent. Of course if these pranksters came every day, that would be harassment and akin to a Denial of Service attack.