Another Clever Media Buy By Apple

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Tips for Online Media Creative and Placement

I know it’s been out more than a month, but I really love this PC vs Mac video. Not because of Windows bashing, but the creativity of the media buy. Read more

Apple Safari Web Browser For Windows – Will You Support It?

In case you hadn’t heard, Apple announced last week at their developers conference that they’ve made available a beta version of the next Safari Web browser. What’s significant is that they are releasing Safari 3 for both Mac and Windows Operating Systems.

It’s an interesting turnaround in the market. Microsoft maintains about 85% market share of the browser market. Mozilla Organization’s Firefox browser is responsible for eroding Internet Explorer’s share and has about 10% share of Windows users in just two years. Other browsers such as Opera maintain single digit percentages. Two years ago Microsoft stopped supporting Internet Explorer for Mac OS X. Now Apple is trying to gain another foot hold on Windows desktops, presumably since they had great success at getting a Windows version of iTunes installed there.

What does this means to you?

Have you thought about the extra labor it might cause on your end to support yet another combination of operating system and Web browser?

Making HTML and other browser technologies work consistently across the different flavors of Windows and Mac OS X and many browsers is very time consuming.

When sending out contracts (transaction documents, statements of work), please be very careful about defining what operating systems and Web browsers you intend to develop and test for.

If you make vague and broad statements, it could expose you to many more labor hours than expected to account for consistent user experiences.

Finally, always check your Web Analytics to identify what type of OS/browser combinations the majority of your Web site visitors account for. Never assume you or your client knows what that majority of your audience is using.

Good luck!

Love the brand, not just the product

I heard an interesting quote recently:
“Consumers want to fall in love with your brand, not only your product.”

The context is marketers often fail to take consumers to the next level of a relationship with the brand.

Apple is an often-cited example of how consumers fall in love with the entire brand. In recent years, the iPod has become responsible for introducing consumers to the brand, gaining trust and hooking them in. “Land and expand.” In a recent list of the most significant products by Apple in the past 30 years, a senior editor at made a great observation:

Apple Multi-Color Logo DecalThe Apple decal:
In addition to their primary purpose, certain places have been deemed worthy for the display of
hallowed images--the battered case of a well-loved guitar, the outside of 7th grader’s binder, and the rear window of just about any automobile. When was the last time a [Microsoft] Windows sticker adorned any of these spaces? Often passed over as nothing more than a tschochke slipped into the packaging of every new Macintosh, the Apple decal represents the spirit of and the enthusiasm for Apple and its products. It’s the rare company (and machine) that can boast the kind of loyalty that builds communities. –CHRISTOPHER BREEN

ADDENDUM: As luck should have it, hours after I posted this message I came across a similar themed article in USA Today. Check this out:
Automakers hope love for car equals love for brand

So how about your brand? Is there a reason to love it beyond one cool product?

What do you think? Please post your comments. Thanks.