HSCS-002 – Set the tone (Pt2, Run your business like Gordon Ramsay)

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Are you a wise guy? A wimp? Do you hide from your customers? Are you socially awkward and make those around you uncomfortable? Do you hide from confrontation? Do our employees have any respect for you? Do they outright steal from you? Can you make your own decisions or do you seek approval from those around you? Do you give a damn?

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Topic #1 – Be a leader and set the tone

CoachPart 2 of my series: Run your business like Gordon Ramsay. We’ll break down key observations on how to turn a failing business into a success. Chef Gordon Ramsay has successfully launched several restaurants and in his popular show, Kitchen Nightmares (Fox, BBC America), he helps failing business owners identify their weaknesses and implement significant positive change in the way their business is operated. Love him or hate him, his keen business skills and insistence on high standards have made him a success.

Remember when Anthony Edwards left the show ER? He passed the metaphorical basketball to Noah Wiley and told him “Set the tone.”

As the owner and leader you must set the tone. Enforce the rules. Be a boss. Yell if you have to. Don’t let your employee bully you. Send someone home if they don’t respond or respect you. Don’t be afraid to get rid of incompetent or disruptive workers.

Executive Chef, Head Chef, Vice President, Director, Manager…. Titles mean nothing if you don’t bring anything useful to the table.

It’s your money. They’re out of a job if they can’t step up and commit.

Got issues, work them out. Seek help. Get out of business. Do what ever it takes, just don’t cripple yourself and those around you.

If the lead chef can’t lead, it’s time to find another chef.

Topic #2 – An online tool you absolutely must start using today

CoachI want to talk to you about If you have a profile already, great, I’ll tell you what you need to do next to fully benefit from it. If you don’t have a profile on Linkedin, go right now and do it.

Here’s how you’ll directly benefit:

  • Get found online.
  • Publish your resume online – Present your background as you want it to be known.
  • Demonstrate your subject matter expertise.
  • Find former colleagues and reconnect with them. Email addresses change, but you should always be able to keep connected through Linkedin.
  • Don’t worry about the number of friends you have. You should focus on quality of your connections, not the quantity.
  • Every person I’m connected with:
    • I’ve met in person.
    • Had a face-to-face conversation with.
    • I believe I may have an opportunity to do business with in the future.
    • Get and give recommendations.
  • There’s a great Q&A section on all sorts of topics. Answer questions to help out fellow professionals and demonstrate your expertise.
  • Poll your contacts for opinions on ideas you have.
  • Search for people you know who might be able to introduce you to someone you want to meet.
  • You rank high in the natural search results when someone searches on your name.

If your attitude is: “But I have a Facebook (or MySpace) page.” Well, that’s great. Glad you’re out there. But truthfully, do you want prospective customers and employers looking at your family photos? Or do you want them to see what you want to be best known for professionally?

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2 Responses to “HSCS-002 – Set the tone (Pt2, Run your business like Gordon Ramsay)”
  1. Pete Aldin says:

    This challenges me, Roland. I have nothing but praise from past and present clients and yet somehow I seem to hide from new prospects!! What the hell am I thinking?? I've been working a little harder on Linked In but given your thoughts, I have a way to go. Again, this is stellar and doable advice, Roland. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the comment Pete. I know where you're coming from. I continually push myself beyond my comfort zone (in a good way). It's not easy. Plain fact is if you don't reach out to prospects, someone else certainly will.

      Good luck!