Data Insecurity

February 6, 2008 by  

New Media Sandbox PodcastWe look at a recent public relations nightmare and why emotions ran high.

[09:00] Insider observation on why too much data is collected and how data loss happens.

[13:30] Tips for appropriate data collection and protection.

[17:30] Companies/organizations that recently compromised customer/employee/student data.

[20:15] Tips for managing a PR situation to prevent it from spinning out of control.

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2 Responses to “Data Insecurity”
  1. Pete Aldin says:

    Un-believable story. And I loved your looking at it from different viewpoints. It really makes you feel powerless though… As well as even keener to protect your own clients’ information…

    I gotta tell ya though, in Australia, that employee would have gone to jail over that. And the company would’ve faced probably as much as a million dollars in fines. I can’t even accidentally take home a name and cell phone number scribbled on a piece of paper in many of jobs I’ve worked.

    Love the new site and looking forward to the journey.

  2. Roland Reinhart says:

    You raise a good point. I’m not aware of how other countries act on this type of behavior. I can say for sure that in the U.S., politicians occasionally beat their chests about it, but nothing is ever done to punish companies that carelessly lose confidential data on the public at large.

    Probably worse, the leadership within these companies also fail to take any responsibility. No-one ever accepts blame. No-one ever resigns. They just hide and wait for it to blow over. Then they try to get a salary bonus for how they handled the situation.

    Thanks for the feedback, Pete.