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March 28, 2008 by  

New Media Sandbox PodcastCliff shares some great insight about how he turned a passion into reality.

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Cliff is one of the growing numbers who have left a more secure job to work exclusively in New Media. We’re not really discussing marketing in this episode. Instead Cliff tells us how a hobby became a passion that he is now pursuing full-time, and how it has helped him strengthen his personal relationships with his wife and children. We also talk about getting out from under the shadow of parents as landlords and employers to realign those relationships in a more positive way.

If you haven’t heard of Cliff before, over two years ago he started a podcast about the ABC series Lost. Since then, the Weekly Lost Podcast has become one of the most popular fan podcasts. He’s produced hundreds of hours of podcasts covering popular television series (TV Talk, Grey’s Anatomy, Doctor Who), technology (Help I Got a Mac, Podcast Answer Man), life and family (My Crazy Life, The Full Time Mom), and more.

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