A Professional Email Account Adds Credibility

September 23, 2009 by  

Notice to all “Professional” Service Providers, Executive Recruiters, etc. that contact me… I do not take you seriously if you contact me with your,,,,, etc. accounts.

I don’t care if you have the most amazing offer, you’ve place doubt in my mind about your credibility as a real business. So I delete your messages, unopened.

Why? Simply put, I don’t have the time. Nor do many others like me.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • If you managed to register a domain name and build a website, there’s no excuse for you not to have an email address with that same domain name.
  • Contact your registrar for help.
  • Search for do-it-yourself solutions like Google Apps and follow the instructions.
  • Hire a consultant who can have you up and running in a few hours.

Your professional email address is an extension of your personal and business brand. While it is one minor piece of your overall marketing effort, it’s part of your first contact with a prospect. Get it right and reduce one more barrier to a great conversation.


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