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This article on has some great insights into marketing on Check it out: MySpace Marketing Tips

I thought I’d add on some info from my experience…

Media campaign packages on MySpace that include your own “community page” start at around $75k (up from about $50k last year) and easily double based on extras you might pile on. The CPMs for targeted display media are very low.

According to the MySpace reps I’ve worked with, the keys to success includes providing consumers with lots of “cool” freebies and interactivity. The key is to give the MySpace users the ability to “make your brand their own.” Examples:

  • Downloadable badges (catch phrases, cool visuals, etc.)
  • Downloadable wallpaper
  • Code to incorporate your background artwork, badges, etc. on their own MySpace pages
  • Royalty free music files

The South Park 10th Season page recently had a build your own South Park character tool. Then you could copy the code to display your custom SP character on your own profile.

Up until a week or two ago, Apple had four community pages for it’s second generation iPod Nano. One page per color: Black, blue, green, pink. Each was it’s own personality with very cool visuals you could copy to your own profile. Plus each Nano had several mood music tracks you could listen to. That was the first instance I had seen of a brand having more than one page representing it.

Please share your MySpace marketing experience or thoughts.

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