HSCS-003 – Make the most of your location (Pt3, Run your business like Gordon Ramsay)

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Have a great location but little business? In this episode we discuss how to evaluate and create opportunity. We also look at some great resources to network with other business owners and professionals.

Topic #1 – Make the most of your location

CoachAre you maximizing your location? Take a long, hard look at yourself. (These examples are restaurant based, but can be applied to any retail establishment.)

  • If you’re by the sea, you better be selling fresh fish, not reheated, frozen, imported product.
  • Find local, sustainable sources for your menu.
  • Get to know your merchants (e.g. be familiar, get frequent buyer discounts and choice selections).
  • Be known for something special (i.e. best local cheap lunch, best shrimp cocktail, freshest seafood).
  • Are you taking advantage of foot traffic?
  • Perhaps your overpriced for lunchtime crowd.

This is part 3 of my series: Run your business like Gordon Ramsay. We’ll break down key observations on how to turn a failing business into a success. Chef Gordon Ramsay has successfully launched several restaurants and in his popular show, Kitchen Nightmares (Fox, BBC America), he helps failing business owners identify their weaknesses and implement significant positive change in the way their business is operated. Love him or hate him, his keen business skills and insistence on high standards have made him a success.

Topic #2 – Finding business connections close to home

ChasingJoin your local chamber of commerce or business partnership. Membership gets you access to:

  • Like minded professionals.
  • Potential business resources.
  • Potential customers.
  • Involvement in community and philanthropic activities.
  • Free or discounted access to networking events, training/educational sessions

Use a resource like to find local small groups that get together to discuss topics of interest to you. Benefits:

  • Find like-minded individuals.
  • Search by geographic radius for gatherings in your area.
  • Business topics, networking, social.
  • Join a group.
  • Start your own.
  • Your profile will work on your behalf. Link to your business, etc.
  • Your profile will likely show up high in natural search results.
  • It’s free!

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  1. Roland says:

    Found about two similar services to while listening to C.C. Chapman's excellent podcast, "Managing the Gray." Check out:

    I didn't find many business-oriented events on these two as I had on Still worth checking them regularly.