Key Findings from Latest Mobile Attitude and Usage Study

January 8, 2008 by  

Mobile phone rubber bandMarketVox nicely summed up the latest Mobile Attitude and Usage Study by the Mobile Marketing Association. According to the MMA, “the study’s intent is to help brands and marketers identify key market trends, mobile subscriber usage patterns, and success metrics for mobile marketing in the United States.”

Some key findings:

  • Eight in ten adults now use a wireless phone.
  • Six in ten teens now use a wireless phone.
  • Sweepstakes and voting campaigns are the types of mobile marketing most participated in. (45%)
    The second most common type is receiving alerts about products, services, and accounts.
    The least common type (10%) is using mobile phones to receive and redeem coupons.
  • The number of consumers who have experienced mobile marketing continues to grow. One out of 20 respondents had participated in mobile marketing. The highest participation is among respondents age 25-44.
  • Teens and young adults use text messaging more than any other demographic. People ages 13-24 send and receive the most messages – more than 50 per week.
  • Ethnic groups are key audiences for mobile marketing. For example, African-Americans and English-dominant Hispanics indicate stronger interest in mobile marketing than Caucasians.

The increased use of camera phones “dovetails perfectly with the coming cross-carrier interoperability of picture messaging via a short code. We expect to see some very innovative campaigns this coming year using picture phoning.”

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