HP Gets Dirty With Mike Rowe

April 29, 2008 by  

Mike Rowe from the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs and an HP tablet PCMike Rowe extends his hilarious Dirty Jobs television personality into a series of short videos demonstrating his life on the road and how his HP tablet computer features prominently into managing his life.

Here’s an example. Mike pulls up to rental car lot after hours and the car is absolutely filthy. Girl is waiting patiently for him to return the car:

Girl (staring at her fingers): “What’s that?”

Mike: “That’s poo.”

Girl: “Like from a butt?”

Mike: “Does it come from any other place?”

Girl: “I got poo in my hand.”

Mike: “And now you got keys. Happy Birthday.”

That run in with the car rental agent and other assorted characters all get chronicled in Mike’s correspondence with fans via the tablet PC.

Not much gets me engaged lately, but this was truly fun. They got me to sit and watch all the videos (5 videos, roughly 4 min each) and ponder how I might use a table PC. Well done, HP!

Viewers can embed the video source into their own blogs, etc. But there doesn’t seem to be anything else. Seems odd that there’s no method for viewers to engage further (other than chat with an HP online sales rep). Clicking on the non-Flash link, the alternate HTML page says videos will be posted April 19 and a sweepstakes is coming soon. Looks like someone dropped the ball — that’s disappointing and a point of failure for the campaign efforts. Realistically, will the majority of visitors ever come back again?

You can watch all the Mike Rowe videos here.

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