How Healthcare Systems Waste Money

August 19, 2009 by  

It’s outrageous. People are losing jobs. Families are losing homes and health insurance. Yet this healthcare company is sending out 100 page coffee table books.

Visit HateSomethingChangeSomething.comThat’s right, 14″x10″, 100-page, full-color glossy coffee table books.

Imagine the wasted tens of thousands of dollars for:

  • the designer
  • the writer
  • the photography
  • all the reviewers
  • the printing
  • the mailing list
  • the postage

Couldn’t all that wasted money and time have been used more wisely to actually help make someone’s life better?

It’s a frivolous waste of money at a time when companies should demonstrate fiscal responsibility.

Am I right? Please share your opinion. Thanks.


One Response to “How Healthcare Systems Waste Money”
  1. Pete Aldin says:

    It's hard to say isn't it. It's a little like when aid agencies advertise and you wonder the same things. But then if they never did these things would they have the client base (=$$) to do the good that they do do? Not sure on this one, Roland.

    Though I do agree with you that it's unlikely to end up on someone's coffee table with visitor's to their home sighing over it and saying "Wow, where do I sign up with these guys? They've truly moved me." It does look like an extremely over-the-top flyer.