Handy greek text (lorem ipsum…) generator

November 17, 2006 by  

Filling out wire frames, mock ups and rough layouts with dummy “greek” text is usually a pain. First I have to find a block of text, then format it the way I need to use it.

I just found this handy Lorem ipsum generator, Simply define how much text you need in terms of words, paragraphs, lists or bytes, then you get nicely formated text ready for you to copy and paste into your work.

Only limitation I could think of was that it didn’t allow you to select all upper case, but that can always be formatted in the application you are pasting the text into.

Although I’m often tempted to use real text examples in wire frames and layouts, I usually decide based on the client I’m working with. Some people are too literal and focus on the minutia details. In those cases, I’d rather use “lorem ipsum” text so I can keep the person focused on the main goal of the work being presented.

I hope you also find this useful.

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