Google Analytics: New Tracking Code Required For New Features

December 16, 2007 by  

Tracking code not detectedI was setting up two new Websites in Google Analytics when I noticed they’re suggesting that users begin using a new tracking code on all pages of a Website you want to track. According to Google:

“Use this tracking code to gain access to a wide range of exciting new features as they become available.”

Unfortunately, Google does not mention what the upcoming features would be.

So I proceeded to add the new tracking codes to the new Websites and updated the code on existing Websites. Next day, I noticed that the two new Websites I set up had an error message in the Google Analytics status panel: “Tracking code not detected.”

I methodically attempted to debug. I checked for errors, re-pasted the code, moved the code to different positions within the and tags, and created new tracking codes — yet nothing seemed to work.

Finally, I figured it out. I simply didn’t follow the illustrated example for entering the URL. I entered the domains without the preceeding “www.” Once I corrected that, the status indicated that “Tracking code installed.”

Screenshots for your reference:

Lesson learned. As tempting as it is to abandon the preceding “www.” there might always be an application or server configuration that requires it.

Hope you find this useful. Please let me know if it helped you solve the same problem.

Update 12/28/2007: Be sure to read the Google Analytics Migration Guide

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