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Check out this article at Search Engine Watch by Chris Sherman: Search Tools for Air Travelers. There are many good suggestions. This one caught my eye…


Even though I fly a lot, I always turn to SeatGuru before finalizing a reservation. SeatGuru features seating maps for all of the major airlines of the world, labeling seats as “good seat,” “be aware,” and “poor seat.”

Mouse over any seat, and a pop-up window will explain why a seat is labeled as it is. I use this feature even when flying business class, when you assume that seats are generally more comfortable than coach seats. On some aircraft, however, not all business seats are equal. For example, “Seat 23 is a standard business seat, but the proximity of the gallery can be bothersome. It tends to get very cold in this area during flight.”

SeatGuru maps also show the location of closets, lavatories, galleys and exits on planes. These aren’t generic maps; to use them effectively, you need to select a specific airline and aircraft. Not sure which airline is best for your needs? Scroll down the menu and use the comparison charts to compare the types of seats offered by various airlines throughout the world.

I checked out and thought this was very cool. The pages are a bit cluttered, but the information is valuable. Definitely save that url

I thought this site was an awesome example of someone creating a useful resource I never knew I needed. I no longer have to leave to chance whether I get stuck by the noisy, smelly toilet.


P.S. Read the whole article at Search Engine Watch!

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