Escalator Advertising

February 19, 2008 by  

escalator advertisingI thought this was a very creative use of something we all take for granted. It shows how a salon in Mumbai promotes themselves. It’s not clear if this ad appears in a mall that they have a retail location for.

It’s awesome that they convinced the building owners to allow that to be applied to the escalator steps. (The mechanics were probably less thrilled.)

But it’s disappointing that the brand’s URL ( doesn’t match their name (Juice Salon), which might make it difficult for ad recall if a consumer wants to look for other locations.

Apparently escalator advertising has been around for awhile in Europe and is only recently making inroads in the United States. AdRants has documented some examples.


4 Responses to “Escalator Advertising”
  1. Peter Aldin says:

    Fantastic. It amazed my wife and I that people wouldn’t step on the pictures on the stairs.

  2. HK Marketing says:

    in HK they are using the escalator handrails to advertise which is much more effective than steps (when there are passengers on the steps, you can’t see the ads, and it doesn’t work in the down direction)

    JCDecaux installed a massive campaign throughout the HK Metro for DHL which was extremely effective in creating branding opportunities. The ‘static’ ads around the escalators showed a traffic jam, but the ads on the handrails showed the DHL truck zooming through all the traffic. You can see more at

  3. Roland Reinhart says:

    What an interesting point — curious shoppers will stop at the base of the escalator to figure out what the message is and potentially cause a “traffic jam.”

    Certainly the mall operations staff would prefer advertising that allows traffic to flow uninterrupted. But I’m curious if that kind of disruption is good for the brand or generates negative impressions.

    Thanks for sharing that information and link.

  4. Salvador says:

    The use of an escalator for advertising seems overdone. Still think the step however is better than the handrails. Don’t the handrails get dirty as they pass through the machine. I saw some in Korea and they looked really dirty.