DVR viewer behavior

July 31, 2006 by  

For those following Digital Video Recorder (DVR) usage with interest, Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) released results of their Spring 2006 Research study and suggests that adults in households that have digital video recorders watch less TV than adults in the general population.


“More Than 11% of Adults Live in Households That Have DVR’s.”

“U.S. adults whose households have a digital video recorder (DVR) are more upscale than those that do not and are more likely to be heavy readers of magazines and newspapers.”

“20% of all adults who watch 44.5 or more hours of television per week.”

“15.7% of adults in DVR-owning households who watch that many hours.”

“36.8% of adults with DVR’s have a college education and 17.1% have average household income exceeding $150,000.”

“Of adults with DVR’s in the household, 15.7% have home values exceeding $500,000.”

In-home interviews conducted by Mediamark with 26,000 adults between March 2005 and May 2006.

Advertisers worry about viewers time shifting/skipping past commercials.

Researchers for the major networks told advertisers in November that people in households with a DVR watched 12% more hours of TV a day than those without.

CBS says the Mediamark numbers were unreliable, because they were derived from people’s often-low reports of their own TV watching. The figures suggesting that adults who use a DVR watch more television come from Arbitron’s 2,000-person machine-recorded survey in the spring of 2005, but it covered only the Houston market.

CBS further maintains that their own research indicates that whatever their level of TV viewing, viewers tend to watch more television after getting the devices than before.


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