My banana connected the dots

September 27, 2006 by  

Curious GeorgeI found a sticker on my banana this morning. It wasn’t for Dole brand or a price code. What made me look twice was that it was the head of H.A. Rey’s Curious George.

It made me curious…

Was it for the recent Curious George movie about to be released on DVD?

Was it for the new Curious George TV series on PBS?

Was it a plot by the Global Board of Banana Growers United Liberation Front to tap into my inner child and stimulate me to subconsciously buy bananas?

It probably doesn’t matter since I’ve obviously been exposed to these things unconsciously. And all it took was a cheap, little sticker placed on my banana by some clever marketer to trigger brand recall and make me connect the dots. Ding! My banana is part of an integrated brand campaign!


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