HSCS-009 – Get Your Act Together. Challenge Bad Behavior.

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It’s time to take a long, hard look at the way you come across to other people – prospects, customers, colleagues. Are you annoying? Are you missing key opportunities to close the deal?

Visit HateSomethingChangeSomething.comI get a call from someone I met at a recent networking event. (Typically when I meet someone interesting at a networking event, I follow-up within 24-48 hours with a email re-iterating our conversation and how we might be able to work together.)

Caller: “Why did you send that email to my personal email address.”
Me: “That’s the email address you gave me when we met.”
Caller: “Please resend the info to my business email address.”
Me: “Okay, please tell me the email address to use.”
Caller: “I’ll email it to you.”

Later that day I get an email from the caller’s personal email address with the business email address. *Sigh*

This week we’re talking about Getting Your Act Together. Examples of annoying things that can make you look extremely unprofessional and tick off the people you do business with.

Example #2

I got 4 calls in the last two weeks from people offering to mount a recent article about me that appeared in the business section of the local paper. The worst one sounded like this:
Me: “Hello, this is Roland. How can I help you.”
Caller: “Yeah, you were in the paper recently?”
Me: “Yes.”
Caller: “You wouldn’t want that mounted on wood, would ya?”
Me: “No, thank you.”
Caller: [Hangs up abruptly.]

The caller didn’t identify himself, his company or why I would want such a service. On the flip side of the scale, one of his competitors did an amazing job of greeting me, buttering me up about the article, how attractive the mounted article would look in my office for my prospects and customers to see.

Example #3

I got this email:
“I’ve uploaded a flyer for a workshop on estate planning for families with a special needs person. If you know anyone that might find value in this, please pass it along. On our home page, go to the Files tab on the left side.”

Perfectly fine and I appreciate that they didn’t send a massive file attachment. But how about providing a URL in the email. This particular business has their company website on a completely different domain name than the one they use for sending emails. (A completely other confusing faux pax).

Example #4

When a customer walks into your front office, what to they see? A disorganized mess? Physical obstacles that people have to maneuver around to get to you? Stupid looking things that you find cute but are hideous to the rest of us.

There was a show on A&E last fall called “We Mean Business.” Similar concept to Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Lot’s of great examples of business owners who are not thinking about the first impression made when a potential customer walks into their store.

Example #5,6,7…

  • That client who never shows up for your scheduled phone calls.
  • The guy who shows up unprepared to every single meeting.
  • The girl who misses every deliverable deadline.
  • The client who pays late.
  • The prospect who keeps asking for freebies yet has never returned the favor.
  • The soul sucking leech who can never find a positive word to say about anything and just wants to drag you down to his/her black lagoon of misery.

My challenge to to you is to start paying attention to things about you that irritate the people you meet and do business with. Get your act together, now!

Similarly, I challenge you to do something about the way other people disrespect the value of your time. Tell someone (politely of course) that you are unhappy with their bad behavior. Otherwise, you’re doomed be on the receiving end again.

Your time is too valuable to deal with nonsense. Stop the bad behavior around you so you can focus on what will make you and your business successful.

Share some examples of things you vow to become better at. Or examples of bad behavior that get under your skin.

By the way, last week I issued a “Comfort Challenge” asking everyone to try something new to promote themselves or their business. If you missed that, please listen to episode #8 and send in to tell what you are doing to improve your business.

Thanks for listening/reading!

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