Carefully Choose Clients For Your Podcasting Effort

May 7, 2007 by  

While listening to episode 36 of Podcasting Today, I heard a few good pieces of advice by Rob Walch of

The topic was dealing with stubborn clients and how to make a positive arguement for releasing interviews in podcast form rather than on radio. Radio interviews essentially dissappear the moment after being broadcast. However, consumers can find your podcast for years to come.

Also, to make interview(s) with the brand more genuine, avoid sales and marketing folks. While they may know the lingo, they tend to always be in sales mode and the conversation may sound less genuine.

Instead, reach out to interview the CEO, CTO or Product Manager. These people:

  • have greater vision of industry
  • understand the competitive landscape
  • are familiar with the niche trying to be filled, and
  • possess in-depth knowledge of the product or service.

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