Brand Fanaticism

August 18, 2006 by  

Talk about Brand Fanaticism.

The Firefox Web browser has been downloaded 200 million times (that’s downloads, not users or installs). To celebrate, a group of fans at Oregon State University organized to create a gigantic crop circle. View Photos

For the 100 million download milestone they launched a weather balloon with a logo banner.

For the 50 million download milestone they painted a giant logo on university grounds.

Just think of all that free publicity from loyal users.

Why all this effort for a Web browser? Because…
It’s anti-Microsoft.
It can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux OS.
It’s a tool used daily and works well.
It’s customizable and expandable.
It’s supposedly more secure than Internet Explorer.



One Response to “Brand Fanaticism”
  1. Firefox Crop Cycle 🙂 And now we have to look for this image in Nostradamus’s prophesies 🙂