Brand Development for Second Life

March 6, 2007 by  

Finally an article on what agencies are charging to develop marketing programs for brands in Second Life.

“An initial build might cost a client between $75,000 and $100,000. Another $50,000 might pay for six or so events at the site. Monthly support fees could add another $10,000 a month to the cost.”

But I’m disappointed that the article didn’t go further.

Second Life Beach“Creating a virtual destination packed with interactive content takes more than an expert in the digital stitching that keeps “Second Life” together. Artists, writers, marketing gurus and others are often needed to develop everything from the look and design of a project to event programming within the space that will keep people coming back.”

Of course, no one says how they demonstrate a return on investment.

“A lot of these companies are treating it as marketing research and development.”

Great, so what are they learning?

Second Life vehicles“A good campaign, you can expect a lot of people to pick up and use your virtual product for hours.”

So how did people find out about it? What tactics were successful at driving traffic to the SL destination(s)?

I find it frustrating that these journalists gain access then get lazy and just regurgitate the basic info we’ve all read/know already.

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