Article: Basic Computer Classes Near Extinction

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Interesting comment…

InformationWeek: Basic Computer Classes Near Extinction

“Because today’s students are already so tech-savvy, educators are using computers to teach other subjects instead of needing to teach basic computer literacy.”

“The days of basic computer classes are nearly over,” … “Today’s students already know how to operate computers. They blog; they text message; they have their own Web sites. We want to help students and teachers see technology as a means to improve learning and performance.”

“Sixty-three percent of teachers reported having “somewhat advanced” to “advanced” technology skills and three-fourths consider themselves competent or highly competent when using technology for student assessments, evaluations and developing critical thinking skills.”

Back around 1980-81, my elementary school began it’s computer science program. I think I was in 8th grade at the time. A teacher would go to computer class on Wednesday night and on Thursday morning try to teach us to program “For-Next” loops in BASIC on a Tandy TRS-80. We’d make the word “DOG” run down the page repeatedly, then step by increments of 1 to the right, then fill the entire screen with the word.

Now, at age 4, my kids started turning the computer on, loading CDs and running their favorite education games.

What was your first introduction to computers? Please post your comments. Thanks.


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  1. martoon says:

    my first programming experience was in 1979 with Milton Bradley\\\’s BIG TRAK. A six-wheeled tank with a blue \\\’photon\\\’ beam and a keypad on top. \\\”The toy could remember up to 16 commands which it then executed in sequence (such as \\\”go forward 5 lengths\\\”, \\\”pause\\\”, \\\”turn 30 degrees right\\\”, \\\”fire phaser\\\” and so on. There was a \\\”repeat\\\” instruction allowing simple loops, but the language was not Turing complete.

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