Apologize on Dr. Phil and All Sins Are Absolved

April 30, 2007 by  

I notice the same pattern emerges everytime someone puts their foot in their mouth (i.e. Alec Baldwin, Don Imus, Mel Gibson, Pat O’Brien) or throws a phone at someone’s head (i.e. Russell Crowe, Tyra Banks).

There must be some text book that every publicist uses called How to get your high-profile client out of the crapper.

Those PR professionals really know how to take on a firestorm of controversey.

Chapter 1: Keep your mouth shut and see if the storm blows over.

Chapter 2: Talk show circuit – Appear on Larry King, The View, Jon Stewart, Dave Letterman.

Chapter 3: Cu-de-gras – Consult Barbara Walters, Oprah, Rev. Al Sharpton (or all).

Chapter 4: Absolution – Get chewed out in person on a very special episode of Dr. Phil.

But don’t worry, the Blogosphere never forgets. 😉

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