HSCS-010 – 9 Cheap and Easy Ways to Energize Your Marketing

September 9, 2009 by  

There’s lots of opportunity to light a fire under your marketing efforts for the rest of the year as you plan for 2010. Here are 9 tips for 09/09/2009.

  1. Get in sync.
    Lay all your promotional materials out in front of you — business card, fliers, mailers, website, online ads — and take a good, long, hard look at them. Do they make sense? Is it confusing? Do they look consistent?
  2. Develop some interesting stories that tell how you helped clients succeed.
    Sounds better than tooting your own horn.
  3. Play to your strengths.
    If 90% of your business is selling a particular service, then lead with that message instead of confusing prospects with a menu of services. Get your foot in the door before you cross-sell.
  4. Experiment with something you are uncomfortable with.
    You might be surprised how you may connect with new prospects.
  5. Get out and meet new people.
    I’m shocked at how many people I invite to networking events will not come, ever.
    You can’t afford not to!
  6. Smile and dial.
    Dust off all those business cards you’ve collected and reconnect with those business contacts.
  7. Become news worthy.
    Share an *interesting* human interest story that the Media might pick up on.
  8. Build your Linkedin and Facebook contacts.
    Strive for quality, not quantity. Regularly let your contacts know what you’re doing. Ask for introductions, testimonials and opinions. Treat them as an advisory panel.
  9. Spy on the competition.
    Okay, maybe that sounds a bit sneaky. But you should know what your successful competitors are doing right.
  10. BONUS TIP: Hire a consultant.
    Seriously, find someone who can either do the work for you or teach you what you need to know to do it in-house. If you can’t afford it, suggest bartering for services.

Okay I know someone will say, what, why didn’t you include Social Media in the list. Truthfully, for newbies, I only advocate investing time in Linkedin and Facebook. Over time, as comfort level and experience increase, then there’s plenty of opportunities (e.g. Twitter) to experiment with and add to the marketing mix.

Thanks for listening/reading!

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2 Responses to “HSCS-010 – 9 Cheap and Easy Ways to Energize Your Marketing”
  1. Susie Culhane says:

    Excellent advice – I'm going to sit down and do numbers 1-4, then 8, 9 and hopefully someone else will take note of number 10 and hire me!

  2. websites says:

    Great list! Thanks a lot for these tips. Social media, when done correctly, also allows your online brand to grow and not just your rankings. Website branding is just as important as website rankings and with branding comes much deeper market penetration in front of your audience.