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Lead Generation Tips For Non-Profit Organizations

Maria Semple shares prospect research tips for non-profit organizations to adopt in the new year. Maria is an experienced researcher, trainer and speaker on the topic of prospect research. Based in New Jersey, she consults with organizations and firms. Learn more at The Prospect Finder website.

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Most Important Tips to Choose Email Marketing Service

Tips to choose the right email delivery service for your business.

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Promote Your Local Business With Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

A real estate professional recently asked about whether to try Google Adwords and/or Facebook Ads for local business advertising. I shared this opinion because I run campaigns for clients and myself, and I also teach an introduction to Google Adwords class for small business owners. My advice based on my experiences… Don’t rush into advertising […]

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Inspiration a la Ned Flanders

Taking a slight break from marketing to enjoy a rare snow day here in the Northeast. School is closed. So how do you turn those little frowns upside down? Make a mug of Ned Flanders Cocoa for the rug rats…

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Subject Matter Experts or Intimidating Puss Faces?

Sears has a long way to go to convince me that they’re the place to go for advice on home electronics. Quite franky the only thing I ever buy from them is a Craftsman screw driver or socket wrench every 5 years. So when I started seeing these “Blue Crew” ads, I really have to […]

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A Professional Email Account Adds Credibility

Notice to all “Professional” Service Providers, Executive Recruiters, etc. that contact me… I do not take you seriously if you contact me with your,,,,, etc. accounts. I don’t care if you have the most amazing offer, you’ve place doubt in my mind about your credibility as a real business. So […]

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HSCS-010 – 9 Cheap and Easy Ways to Energize Your Marketing

There’s lots of opportunity to light a fire under your marketing efforts for the rest of the year as you plan for 2010.

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How Healthcare Systems Waste Money

It’s outrageous. People are losing jobs. Families are losing homes and health insurance. Yet this healthcare company is sending out 100 page coffee table books.

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